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Labour Considering Banning BNP Teachers.

I can fully understand that the Police ban BNP members, they are able to abuse powers that they hold and the chance of a citizen being able to do anything about that abuse is minimal at best.

I think however a ban on BNP teachers just allows them to become political martyrs. It will not help bring back to Labour the working class vote that felt aggrieved enough to swap their vote from New Labour to the British Nazi Party. (Where is the social housing you promised Mr Brown?).

Perhaps rather than banning membership of one Party, ban membership of all Parties for teachers. This is done for senior Civil Servants and Senior Local Government Officers.

Party politics is not for the classroom. If you are going to ban teachers from a political party then ban membership of all parties. Politically restricted posts exist within the civil service already and it would ensure that they could not use victim status in the European Court of Human Rights. Where they may even gain a compensation payment.

Courtesy of Gordon Brown playing every stupid bigoted dog whistle to the white working class base of the Labour Party and then failing to deliver, we now have two of them in Parliament.

No matter how offensive they may be, they are a legal party as their election confirms. This is not a way of dealing with the problem.


http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/jun/21/bnp-teac… )

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