The Price of Piracy

While the UK Government is outsourcing the drafting of its new digital copyright laws to the Music and Films industry, the Courts prove why this is a completely mad thing to do.

the price of piracy
(click for the full size image)

This will be the consequence of this scummy Labour Government sucking up to every Music and Film Industry lobbyist going. Real talent has not been encouraged by the UK music industry, it has not been nurtured. The UK music industry has simply exploited fad after fad and sold plastic crap on a shiny metal disc. The internet and music listeners have done more for real musicians in a few short years than the Recording Industry in their life time.

Yet we have a Government that is allowing legislation to be written for them by an Industry whose death would benefit the Artists they claim to serve.

Who speaks up for the users on either side of the Pond? Not one Political Party. At least the EU now has Pirate Party members.

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  1. mrfilbberly
    June 20, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    According to the sun an mp3 is worth 6 limbs of a British soldier!

    Better than what the Afghani’s get though. I make it 4000 dead wedding victims per song. Even emo music suicides haven’t managed to kill that many people!

    I think I have a new favourite game: how many dead people is a pirated song worth!

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