On Iran, I think that the Republicans & Their Friends Have Aspergers.

A friend of mine considers me to be an Aspy, but that does not make me a Republican. The GOP and their approach to the situation in Iran have shown to them to have the same disregard of the consequences of their comments that those who are Aspies can have.

Take John McCain. (Go on please, take him anywhere). Whose last contribution towards Foreign Policy on Issues of Iran was such a success.

Well now, he wants the President of The United States of America to intervene and call the election in Iran fraudulent.

I wonder what Republicans would have said if Middle East politicians had intervened in the 2000 Elections?

Florida 2000

The picture links back to the story if you need any more reminders of the pain from the 2000 Election.

They have all swallowed the same bigotaid. Mittens is doing it.

And of course Fox News is doing it. Fox News have swallowed the very same bigotaid that the stupid of stupid readers at Nothalfbigoted NoQuarter have swallowed.

If Secret Agent Flowbee had ever wanted to regain some credibility after his ridiculous whitey tape incident, which resulted in Michelle Malkin of all people calling him a nut and highlighting this blog report why he should never be trusted, this issue is one where his thoughts may be welcome. After all his many years of experience on “terrorism and counter intelligence” (lol) may have led to some wise words of wisdom.

But no – he has left the NoQuarter discussions on Iran up to his ratfucking “Neo-Con Dems”. Take the idiotic statement of “Seattle Moss”, straight out of the Fox News line of the day.

Liberating Iraq is now having the desired effects of spreading the hope of freedom throughout the region and especially in Iran.
However, Obama doesn’t believe in freedom and looks lovingly to dictators as the model to follow.

Even a free and liberated Iraq with rights for Women and the yoke of tyranny lifted is not enough for those who are still against the war.

The events in Iran are showing us the power of liberty despite the costs involved…

Obama is no champion of liberty or the freedom movement in Iran.

This of course is the Free Iraq that has been left to Local Militia, paid and armed by the US and UK army to cut down on terrorism. Nothing like paying terrorists to stop terrorism. Especially, when the result of the Iraq war was to change a Country that was secular, to one run by militia using the Shi’a sect of the Muslim religion as an excuse to torture gays and murder women for “crimes” of adultery. Operation Freedom indeed.

It is no surprise that the American right have no shame for the crimes that their Government committed in Iraq. They have no shame that having threatened Iraq, Iran and North Korea, and then by invading Iraq, that the Countries of Iran and North Korea would up their arms anté. Iraq got invaded because they could not show that they had no weapons of mass destruction. Iran and North Kuwait have not been invaded because they made their military strength quite known.

More sabre rattling from a McCain Government would have meant there most definitely would have been a nuclear programme in Iran.

Thankfully, those protesting in Iran will not be getting the help of American Conservatives. Nor should the President intervene.

The Ayatollah may have bitten off more than he can chew by countenancing these election results, but that is for the People of Iran to decide. It should not be the official policy of the United States.

Most definitely given what McCain has said about Iran I remain ever grateful to the 69.3 million Americans who picked the right man for the job in November. If those highly suspicious reports about Clinton and Biden wanting Obama to get tougher, are right, I thank the Democratic Party for picking the right candidate.

I think that the opinions expressed by John Kerry and the National Security Network make clear how utterly dangerous the Neo Con right of America have become.

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  1. Seanosul
    June 20, 2009 at 4:09 am

    Of course McCain is mad, he wanted Palin as his VP

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