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Are We Seeing The Last Days of Ayatollah Rule in Iran?

It is increasingly clear that these demonstrations are no longer simply about Mousavi. These demonstrations have led Iranian citizens to question the whole of Government. Thus, these demonstrations question the very foundations and legitimacy of the Government of Iran. By countenancing these election results, the Ayatollah may have become responsible for the overthrow of the entire apparatus of his Government. What replaces it, if there was to be such an outcome is a different matter.

It is also clear that the people of Iran are a great people, who are not the Warmongering monsters the Neo Conservatives painted. Despite the great wrongs that have happened to them, the demonstrations have been largely peaceful. Any violence has been a result of Police action on behalf of the Government. The repercussions of this election has therefore wrong-footed Neo-Con talking heads and war mongers in Israel.

There is a new dawn in the politics of the Middle East. The Iranian people have made that happen. Regardless of the outcome, even if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khomeni keep their hold on the reigns of office, the War Mongers no longer hold power. Power now rests with the people of Iran.

Mssrs Blair, Bush, Cheney & Netanyahu, you have a lot to apologise for as a result of selling fear and hate to your respective Countries. Whereas the people of Iran – we salute you for your endeavours. Our thoughts go out to those murdered by the Government of Iran for simply wishing to have real democracy.

iraq further demos

tehran giant

silent demo


revolt 170609

Krimkhan Bridge Demo

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الله أكبر.

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