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Brent Liberal Democrats Hit By Sleaze.

I have quite an affinity with the Liberal Democrats in Wembley Central, especially Councillor Chunilal Chavda, who was very badly treated by a bunch of corrupt bigots who ran the Conservative Group at the time. I am guessing some fuses still go every time he speaks at a Council meeting. Especially as the Lib Dems have joint meetings with Conservatives in Brent.

It seems however that a seat that The Liberal Democrats did well to win off Labour, back so many years ago, may fall.

A By Election has been called to replace disgraced Wembley Central Liberal Democrat, Vijay Shah. He was jailed for 12 months in May for defrauding a transport company out of more than £50,000 while working for them as an accountant.

He was sacked from EJ Masters in Railway Terrace, Kings Langley after ten years for providing a false reference to the Indian High Commission for a woman attempting to enter the country – claiming she worked there. A new accountant then discovered the stolen money.

He has been stripped of his seat after being jailed at St Albans Crown Court, sparking a by election likely to be held next month.

Shah, 45, of Clayton Avenue, Wembley, had until Wednesday to lodge an appeal over his council seat, but has chosen not to contest the decision.

Fraud does not go down to well among the residents of Wembley Central. They are most certainly not the richest of residents and The Labour Party could make great play on this. There is some talk that the Nazi BNP is also trying to make play about this issue as well. Although I doubt very much that they could win in such an ethnically diverse Ward.

I hope that this sleaze does not damage the Liberal Democrats in Brent, I would so hate to see it damage Chuni.

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