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The Last Acts of a Desperate and Cowardly Prime Minister

I posted before about how the BBC were promoting the candidacy of Esther Rantzen, in toe with the white suited Martin Bell.

She is now standing but no reporter has asked – if her candidacy is about expenses, why is she not targeting the seat of any other expense abusing Cabinet Minister? Such as Alistair Darling? These are the people who have piled on the taxes on working people, but have used accountants paid for by the State to avoid them themselves, while building up multi million Property Empires again at the expense of taxpayers.

Now it is also suggested that after the worst results for Labour since 1918, Gordon Brown now wants electoral reform. He also wants the worst system going. The alternative vote system which puts 2nd place candidates first and effectively creates a permanent Labour Government.

I will say it again,

To me it also seems deeply wrong that a crisis ridden Government, whose Party is now in 3rd place in the polls now after all of these years wants to discuss electoral reform and House of Lords “reform”. This smacks of election fiddling far worse than the Glenrothes By Election and it could make their Neo Con friends victory of 2000 look positively honest.

George W Bush, your New Labour apprentices learnt their election rules well.

So “Election Reform” and “Lords Reform”. And a referendum on this – despite no time for the referendum that his Party promised on the Lisbon Treaty?

Again I said before

The House of Lords stopped Parliament being abolished. It was only internet junkies and the Lords that did this. In 1997 The British Conservative Party was about as popular as a used hypodermic needle and about as likely to be touched. What would have been the consequences of having an elected Second Chamber?

Democracy is a great thing but without an effective revising chamber our legislative standards will only get worse. We have laws so badly written that they now criminalise millions of internet users.

Just how much awful legislation would there have been had New Labour have been able to simply bypass what little is left of Parliament? Maybe it would not have been used to introduce more “anti terrorism” laws, but given the history of how those laws have been used – I doubt that. Who however doubts that Post Office privatisation could have been slipped through as a deregulation issue?

BBC stop being supine lick spittle reporters. Your Country needs you. Grow a set. Unleash Jeremey. Both of them, Clarkson and Paxman. Rather than supinely accept every word Brown and his minions speak on the issue of electoral reform ask one simple question “why now”? Go for it.

This is the act of a desperate Prime Minister supported by a Party that hates him but is too cowardly to act. To save their seats they would abolish voting if they could and it seems that Gordon Brown is prepared to do pretty much near that.

Liberal Democrats – now is NOT the time for electoral reform. If you go along with this plan it will look as though you want to prop up a weak and failed Government. This is a Brown trap filled full of the Brown stuff. The voters will reject it and you will have your hands stained.

Labour – this system only favours you if people are ambivalent about Politics. At the moment they hate you. That second vote will probably go to Anyone But Labour.

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