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“British Jobs for British Workers”.

Don’t attack the voters they say – I say bollocks. I will condemn absolutely the stupid bigots that voted for my Country, the Country I still call home to be represented by the British Nazi Party. Not just at home, fine a couple of stupid Nazis on local councils, but internationally? Giving them £500,000 to spend on promoting hate?

Those who voted BNP are quite simply stupid thick idiots. I bet most of them do not even know what they voted for. Do they know that they believe in nationalising British Industry and Import Bans? How would a Trade War give anyone a job? Fine if you are a Nazi politician or enforcer.

People like this vote BNP

I also blame the system, a system designed by Labour for Labour to keep their seats up when the voters want them out. It is a disgrace of a PR system that has the the Greens getting many more votes than Nazis, but the same number of seats.

As Guido Fawkes says,

Nick Griffin will be thanking Gordon Brown tonight. He could not have done it without him. Brown has achieved one policy goal, he got a British job for one British worker, the British National Party candidate who is going to Brussels. Labour MPs should reflect on that, do they fear losing their jobs in an election more than they loathe the BNP. As long as they keep a Scot who can’t connect with English working class voters as leader, the stronger the BNP becomes.

Gordon Brown – coming up with the BNP election slogan for them is enough to have result in your resignation. You stupid idiot. If any Labour readers read this – you should be ashamed. You should be ashamed that your leaflets pretty matched those of the Nazis. You should be ashamed that with your pandering the BNP vote went from you to the NAZIs. You all should be ashamed to be Labour.

In fact this is not Labour. If any Labour MP has half an ounce of what it means to be Labour they need to get rid of him now. The is a prostituted Neo Con version of the Labour Party that deserves as much place in UK politics as the BNP does.

I will blame the stupid voters and a stupid PM who played every NAZI wolf whistle going.

Not one of the recent “terror raids” have resulted in an arrest. Yet we still got “terror”, “terror”, “terror”. A PM talking of British jobs for British people. He pretty much said the recession is all the fault of the rich bankers. Every Nazi dog whistle going.

Gordon, This is not about the BNP gaining two seats you stupid blind hoon. This is about you. People hate you Gordon. For the sake of the Country, Gordon – Please Go. Click to Sign.

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