Gordon Brown Election 2010

The Prequel of Gordon Brown’s downfall.

I would suggest that any staplers or laser printers are hidden when the results of the Euro elections come out.

  1. June 8, 2009 at 3:38 am

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is under severe pressure to resign as one of his ministers quit and urged Brown to step down.

    James Purnell stepped down as work and pensions secretary with an open letter saying Brown’s continued leadership would be disastrous” for Britain.

    Tipped as a rising star within the governing Labour Party and a possible future leader, Purnell is the fifth minister to quit in recent days, the third at Cabinet level, piling the pressure on Brown to go.

    However, while the others were under fire in the ongoing row over lawmakers’ lavish expenses claims, Purnell was not and is the first government member to resign calling openly for Brown’s resignation.

    News of Purnell’s departure broke as polls closed yesterday in the European Parliament and English local elections, at which the party is expected to be trounced.

    Meanwhile an email letter was being circulated around party lawmakers calling for Brown to quit, while senior ministers are said to be unwilling to switch jobs in the looming Cabinet reshuffle.

    In power since 1997, the Labour Party has borne the brunt of public outrage over lawmakers’ dodgy expenses claims, a row made worse by the fact Britain is struggling to climb out of its worst recession in decades.

    Speculation that Brown is preparing to step down, dismissed as ”complete nonsense” by his spokesman, sent the British pound crashing against the euro and US dollar.

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