Arab = Muslim = Terror = War?

If you believe the likes of StormFront, The GOP, Fox News and their new tag along friends, such as the likes of Larry Johnson, PUMAs and their UK equivalent, the BNP, you would think that the whole of the Middle East is in a religious War against the West and Israel.

You would think that Women’s Rights are not recognised and that there is an increasing Islamification of the West.

After all look at the full length burkah on this woman. Just look how badly educated she is and how much she wants to kill the West.

The time of making Monsters of Islam is over.

After all look at all these oppressed Arab women.

The lesson – stop listening to Fox, start doing your own research. Just have a look at how women in power, such as Queen Rania, in Arab lands are actually helping Women.

The Official Website of Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Now that better explains the concept behind this speech. This is President Barack Obama’s Cairo speech in full, not twisted by Fox or other networks.

If you do not hate people they tend to applaud and not throw shoes or worse.

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