Crazies, Assassinations, Hate and Immoral Equivalence (Graphic Content)

To take a life as an act of vengeance is wrong. To take a life for the purposes of assassination, which means sending a message to those around you have killed is terrorism.

My heart goes out to the families of Private William Long and Dr. George Tilley. I also have to say that my heart goes out to those considered as collateral damage with regard to the killing of Mullah Mansur. I am also quite prepared to say my heart goes out to him and his family. I consider his actions no different to that of Bush and Blair and I fully oppose what they have all done. Why do people forget the thousands of Soldiers killed in Iraq and Afganistan or the hundreds of thousands of civilians? Why are their deaths less worthy of condemnation?

Of course the crazies were out to justify the murder of Dr. Tilley, while of course saying that they do not condone it.

Such as this example of hate, which was in response to a thoroughly reasonable article by one of their writers.

Comment by sarainitaly | 2009-06-01 13:21:42

what would you do/how would you react if a madman stormed a hospital and murdered all the babies in the maternity ward?

legal or not, to anti-abortionists, abortion is murder. it is the equivelant to murdering children. just because you or I may be pro-choice, it doesn’t mean everyone else is – or that they can stomach it, or accept it.

to some people, I would imagine, to not do anything to try to stop someone like this doctor is to just sit aside and allow a madman to murder babies.

i absolutely do not condone the murder of this doctor.

but i understand that there are those (and I must say, I am not in favor of late term abortions) who truly believe what is done to babies in the womb in the third trimester is murder.

In fact, isn’t it true that if a pregnant woman is stabbed, or beaten, and the infant in the womb dies, the assailant can be tried for murder?

and if a mother gives birth to a baby, even one premature, and allows it to die, she can be tried for murder?

can’t a mother who is pregnant but does drugs be charged with child endangerment or wrongful death if the fetus dies?

it’s a slipperly slope, indeed.

as far as Oreilly… well, he truly believes abortion is murder, and that Tiller is a baby killer. So, like I said in my first sentance, what would you do if a madman stormed a hospital and killed a bunch of new born infants?

to people like Oreilly, i assume, there isn’t much difference between in the womb and outta the womb – legal or not.

That is a relatively moderate statement. There are far worse. However that view is NO different from arguing as British and American Soldiers are killing Children in Iraq and Afghanistan, their sympathisers have a right to kill Recruiting Officers. After all that was the role played by Mullah Mansur. So do those hating his death have any more moral equivalence than those demanding revenge for the assassination of Private Long?

Why do those who support the War on Terror care less about this

iraq horror2

than this?

Those who condemn the consequences of abortion as depicted in the latter picture have NO QUALMS whatsoever about the former. They simply wish that those images go away. They imagine no consequences from the actions they demand. After all the main stream media (in fact almost all media) never show the consequences of what they promote. We are after all at War and for the side of right the ends justify the means. The War Against Terror. Fought by creating more terror.

Is this not a call for Jihad?

murphy 05.21.09 at 2:02 pm

puma bear — absolutely agreed.

we should have dropped a bomb on Mecca on Sept 12, 2001 and another one on Messina the next day if the islamic leaders of the world didnt immediately surrender.

Why is this

different from this?

If you are the person being bombed whether by a hijacked Plane or a missile you are still dead.

The sad fact remains – to some life is expendable.

  1. Average Joe
    June 10, 2009 at 5:30 am

    “While I myself am personally opposed to murdering abortion doctors I don’t think that I should imposed my morals on others.”

    Oh, wait, I don’t believe that, that’s what the abortion supporters say.

    • thebigotbasher
      June 10, 2009 at 9:46 am

      It would also makes you a terrorist, in that you are trying to use murder to change the politics of a Country. A perfectly legal operation being stopped by acts of terror. So tell me what is the difference between the murderer of an Off Duty Soldier and the murderer of a Doctor who carries out abortions?

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