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Dirty Bigots And Their Attempt To Link The Black Panthers To President Obama

FiredUpDem did an excellent post earlier on Democratic Underground on how much this story stank.

There was no evidence of voter intimidation. There are no links to the Obama campaign. It is not as though the two “panthers” are wearing Obama stickers. They were in an area that polled 95% for Kerry in 2004. I do not yet have the results for 2008, but I can imagine the results were pretty similar.

It does not stop the bigots from jumping into their sheets and having their race-baiting fun.

The Right if you are White Reverend Amy was only too keen to don her white sheet, linking this story to ACORN (of course), Bailouts, The Census, The Dept. of Justice (Obama), General Motors & Chrysler, The Obama Administration, Obama Comrades, Uppity Woman, Voter Fraud, Voting & Voting Rights and the stimulus tax package. Wow two supposed “new black panthers” could have such a wild field of influence.

In its article on this, the bigot drools, “Golly, I am just SO surprised, aren’t you? I just never expected that Obama’s Justice Department would let these three men who were engaging in extreme voter intimidation off!! Ahem. Who am I kidding? Of course I did. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner…”


It is interesting to note how many more there repeat the term “golly”. Of course not used in any racist context. No of course not. Nothing really surprises me about a blog run by an Ex CIA Agent who has posters that have threatened to assassinate the President and invented a “Whitey Tape” to try and undermine an election.

Of course almost all of the other PUMA sites have now come out with same mantra. One such example, stating that the reason the case was dropped was racism


Faux News of course sets about pouring petrol on their cross with this article


The headline itself is quite telling. Of course this is the same Fox News that has previously said that the President should not get involved with Prosecutions. The Of comments on this story are unsurprisingly racist.


This story owes nothing to the New Panthers. Watch how dirty racists will twist this story into yet another attack on Acorn. How the stories of “voter intimidation” and “caucus intimidation” will rear their head again. However listen carefully to their own video – the Election Clerk makes clear to the Police that these “Panthers” were NOT intimidating voters.

There was no case to answer; there could have been no prosecution. The DOJ acted properly when deciding a case that had been referred to them, according to Faux themselves in the last few days of the Bush administration.

Bigot scum claiming race bias are doing it for one reason only. Dirty bigots already have one political death on their hand, their Rethug colleagues have the blood of an illegal war on theirs, how many more do they want?

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