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A Euro MP Win For The BNP Would Be A Victory For Gordon Brown.

Griffin + EU = Brown

Gordon Brown has a lot to be condemned for

The 10p Tax Rate fiasco
The Economic collapse
The Banking Crisis
The Gurhas mess
The abuse of Parliamentary expenses
The abuse of 10 Downing Street to run smear campaigns
Poverty getting worse under his stewardship of the treasury

There is a lot of justified anger. He has managed to make George Bush and Tony Blair look competent.

It is clear that the coming European elections will produce an electoral disaster for Brown, not seen by the Labour Party for years.

He can not however escape the deserved electoral mauling, but can survive the political fallout – if people vote BNP in sufficient numbers to win them just one seat in the European Parliament.

If the BNP wins a seat, the press will not cover the electoral wipe out of Gordon Brown. You can already see the headlines on the front pages of the newspapers. The BBC would follow. His loss would not be the big news story, it will be hidden. The morning after the Euro Elections, angry Labour MPs will find that story hidden somewhere other than the front page. The front page news story will be the BNP and as a result, Gordon Brown will escape the axe that he so richly deserves. With the story hidden on page 2, the initial outrage felt by Labour MPs ast such a disastrous result would be assuaged, replaced by a mighty proud condemnation of how stupid the electorate in whatever area votes them in. Thus, giving Zanu Labour a chance to recover, unreformed, unchanged, ready to screw the County again for another term.

If you are going to have a protest vote, make it a protest that counts. Vote Green, Liberatas, Jury Team, UKIP. Anyone who actually could make a difference in Europe. Do not vote BNP and as a result save the career of the worst Prime Minister ever.


  1. rob
    May 18, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    UKIP get my vote – not that it will make any difference. The elite seem to have their own agenda regardless of who is elected

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