People Like This Vote BNP

Ian Hindle Had sex with a child
Took Photos of a Child Sex
Andrew Wells took photos of a child being sexually abuse.

John Laidlaw murdered two people and racially assaulted his gaoler.

Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett, a convicted gang rapist who organised BNP leafletting in Oldham was arrested for violently attacking his neighbour. His son, Davis, also scum, was asked to leave a family BBQ after he began using racist language. David then attacked his neighbour, returned with his father and they attacked the male and female neighbour. Robert Bennett who admitted affray was sentenced to 150 hours community service and £250 compensation whilst his son, who also pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 250 hours community service and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

This is just a taste of the scum that represent the BNP. NothingBritish have more cases. They are a party of hateful fascist thugs. They pretend to be be strong, hiding behind their jackboots and Neo-Nazi image but these people did not like it when their membership list was leaked. (The BigotBasher has a copy).

If elected to the European Parliament, they will be a disgraceful stain on our Nation. These thugs will represent the UK not on some crappy local Council, but Internationally. Homophobic racist Nazis representing The UK. What a great message to send to the rest of the World.

A Party of Murderers, Nazis, Child Perverts, Benefit thieves. People Like You? Certainly not.

  1. rob
    May 16, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    I think voters might switch to the BNP after this expenses row. The current mood is that the main political parties are all corrupt, which I agree with, but given the chance the BNP if in power would be the same. It seems that power corrupts.

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