Gordon Brown Has Lost It

He has forgotten how to live, how life ACTUALLY IS. He has been in a Security bubble for at least 12 years, HE sees police everywhere, on rooftops, round corners when he goes to buildings. He does not realise that is because of the position HE holds.

There are no “bobbies on the beat”. There are the pretend police of the “Community Safety Officers”, who seem only to be employed by Councils to provide comedic relief to kids on estates, and jackbooted, body armoured cops who would rather stamp pn your head than tell you the time.

He does not know that the Police are only interested in you if you look remotely Islamic, are at a demo, are taking their picture, or are a motorist.

He probably thinks one of the nice Policemen he sees on the roof can help the old granny home when she withdraws her pension from the cash point. This proves beyond anything HE HAS LOST IT.


Gordon Brown urges police to walk people home from cashpoint
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Gordon Brown today urged police across England and Wales to offer to walk the last mile home with people who feel unsafe after they visit the cashpoint.

He floated the idea, pioneered by the Wanstead neighbourhood police team in east London, when he delivered his first major speech about crime at Chelsea FC’s conference centre today.

Given the current state of the banking system and some of the lunatics now employed by the Police, I would feel safer being escorted home by the neighbourhood mugger.

  1. May 16, 2009 at 3:12 am

    Gordon Brown and his party are not only completely out of touch, but they also treat the people of this country with barely disguised contempt. They will pay the price at the next election, that is an absolute guarantee. I do not think they will even get the 22% of the vote suggested in the latest polls.

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