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Why Gordon Must Go

Gordon Brown is now just a desperate loser. He is doing a Hillary Clinton. Appealing to the most extreme of the working class base. I would not be surprised to hear him come out and say hard working Britons, white Britons.

Effective tax rates of 62.8% on highest incomes place us as now one of the highest taxed in the World. This was a pure play to the Labour base. This tax increase compares to the now top tax rate of 39% America introduced (currently 35%).

It should be noted unlike Brown, the US also passed the biggest ever tax reduction in history for those earning under $250,000. Here middle earners will be faced with another tax increase through the NI system. What Brown has ensured is that if there is any economic recovery – especially in Finance, that recovery will be in the US and not the UK. 80% of hedge fund transactions worldwide used to be done from London in order to trade from The British Cayman Islands. A tiny Island holding 80% of all Hedge Funds held world wide. Primarily because it is used by Britain as a tax haven.

Brown continued to show how out of touch he was by playing to the BNP supporters of working class Labour constituencies. Trying to stop a few brown skinned Gurkhas coming in was exactly that – a play to the working class racist. This would have been the Gordon Brown moment of saying look Cameron and the Liberals support the darkees. Except that it would not work. The British are very proud of their relationship with the Gurkhas. They continue to fight with us even today in Afghanistan. They deserve recognition.

Terrorism “busts” on on Muslims to increase the fear factor, which if secret, why are the BBC always there filming? All 9 of those arrested during the expenses crisis of the Home Secretary were released without charge.

££££millions spent on very fascistic report any stranger adverts to boost the fear factor.

None of it is working. The British are fair minded so Brown can play to the BNP vote as much as he wants but he will be left with BNP vote numbers if he does.

News reporters should have been exposing the tax legacy of Brown instead of sucking up to him. His big anti child poverty tax credit system, has left millions facing overpayments because of its complexity and the lowest paid facing effective tax rates of 39% after paying their normal rates of tax. This is the same rate as the top rate of tax in the US, but here it is paid by people on the minimum wage.

His policies effectively destroyed what remained of British manufacturing, research and design. He did not care as the city was picking up the tab. Now that has gone. With effective tax rates of 62.8% because of the 50% band and no cap on NI, no one will pick up the tab either.

His billionaire cronies will not either. Brown talked a lot about tax havens, but most of the tax havens in the World are British. They hold something like $13 trillion in untaxed wealth.

His strong arming of education proposals and forcing through the performance indicator culture into every public service, leaves Britain with a nation of people able to follow exam courses but unable to write. Public services that are able to deliver indicators, not services.

Any cuts in public services to come are his cuts. He leaves the budget in a mess.

He is a walking disgrace. The Blair legacy after 3 large majority terms was simply Iraq. The Brown legacy is putting Britain on the rack.

If you have not signed the petition – do so now.

Gordon – Please Go. Click to Sign.

  1. May 2, 2009 at 12:15 pm
  2. May 2, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Very nicely summed up. I don’t think the Conservatives have done enough to convince me that they are ready to make the tough decisions, but I sure as well think that Gordon Brown and the New Labour fiasco has had its time. With massive majorities, it was a wasted opportunity, we are now in the worst state in our history, morally, economically and politically.

    • thebigotbasher
      May 2, 2009 at 7:15 pm

      Interesting that wordpress has links back to American “Conservatives”, (NeoCons I do not consider Conservative), saying Brown is pushing for tax cuts. Yet again more proof Brown says one thing abroad and another at home.

      What a nice topsy turvy world we have. Obama introduced the largest tax cut in history for those earning under £250,000. Brown ramps taxes up.

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