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Sion Simon is Scum

I forgot how much I hate Sion Simon, despite his continuing political career this pathetic piece of NULab experiment remains a relative non entity. I remember reading his Sun diary at the time Murdoch crossed over to Labour. So desperate were they to find some semi literate Labour supporter to write for them they happened upon Sion Simon. His diary was the most solid an example of hate and bitterness ever seen outside of Socialist Worker or the BNP. He pouted the Nu Labour line, but he did so with such a vile level of hatred he would have made Derek Draper look proud.

Giving him any Ministerial jobs shows how low ZanuNuLab have sunk. He is and always will be a disgusting individual, who if he does not lose his seat, I would be surprised. What has happened to the lefties in the Midlands? How come they have not deselected him. Don’t they remember him being a Murdoch man? Isn’t that a crime in Labour anymore?

I also remember that insulting a member of the public would have got you sacked.

Well Guido Fawkes has the reaction to the dirty bigot that is Sion (why can’t he spell his name properly arsewipe), and its latest rant via twitter on Susan Boyle.

This ZanuNuLab scum is not just some random back bench MP. His comments would be bad enough then. This dirty bit of road spoil is Minister for Skills.

Sack his sorry arse.

Sion Simon bitter bigot bigoting

You can see the reactions to the latest example of Sion Simon bullshit – by clicking on the twitter screen grab obtained by Guido Fawkes. It takes you to comments about him on Order.Order.com because Sion Simon does not allow his constituents to post on his site.

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