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Defence – The Sacred Cow For Conservatives?

From The FT

Tories under fire from defence industry

By Alex Barker, Sylvia Pfeifer and George Parker

Published: April 30 2009 20:27 | Last updated: April 30 2009 20:27

The Conservatives are scrambling to mend relations with the defence industry, amid fears the party is pencilling in deep cuts to equipment spending should it win power.

Industry executives have privately been assured that certain programmes are safe, even as David Cameron, Tory leader, promises to take a hard look at the entire defence budget.

The move to reassure industry reflects some of the tensions among the frontbench, as cost-cutters seek savings for the “new era of thrift” promised under a Tory government.

Mr Cameron on Thursday said there was a need to review defence spending “across the piece”, admitting that this could lead to speculation before an election that he might axe a number of programmes.

Asked specifically whether a Tory government would proceed to build two new aircraft carriers, he said: “As with all things in the defence programme, there is a very good case for all of them.”

But most big decisions are expected to be left to a Strategic Defence Review, which the Tories want to launch as soon as they are elected. Tory insiders say defence is “not excluded or prioritised” as they seek ways to reduce public spending.


In both the UK and the US defence should not be a sacred cow. President Obama faced strong criticism for increasing defence by 5% from the hard right who claim it represents cuts. With huge budget deficits, neither the UK or the US should avoid necessary reductions in the arms race, which has been nothing but corporate Socialism for the murder industry.

Cameron should F off the NeoCon death industry that Blair and Brown were so happy to get in bed with.


  1. May 1, 2009 at 5:10 pm


    Though they might lead to a safer Britain and less dead soldiers, which is what I am prepared to pay taxes for?

    • thebigotbasher
      May 1, 2009 at 5:18 pm

      I’d prefer that the budget was spent on proper kit for soldiers, proper conditions for soldiers and proper rewards for their service, and not over priced military experiments paid as corporate socialism to military contractors and MOD refurbs.

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