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Dirty Bigots And Their Attempt To Link The Black Panthers To President Obama

FiredUpDem did an excellent post earlier on Democratic Underground on how much this story stank.

There was no evidence of voter intimidation. There are no links to the Obama campaign. It is not as though the two “panthers” are wearing Obama stickers. They were in an area that polled 95% for Kerry in 2004. I do not yet have the results for 2008, but I can imagine the results were pretty similar.

It does not stop the bigots from jumping into their sheets and having their race-baiting fun.

The Right if you are White Reverend Amy was only too keen to don her white sheet, linking this story to ACORN (of course), Bailouts, The Census, The Dept. of Justice (Obama), General Motors & Chrysler, The Obama Administration, Obama Comrades, Uppity Woman, Voter Fraud, Voting & Voting Rights and the stimulus tax package. Wow two supposed “new black panthers” could have such a wild field of influence.

In its article on this, the bigot drools, “Golly, I am just SO surprised, aren’t you? I just never expected that Obama’s Justice Department would let these three men who were engaging in extreme voter intimidation off!! Ahem. Who am I kidding? Of course I did. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner…”

It is interesting to note how many more there repeat the term “golly”. Of course not used in any racist context. No of course not. Nothing really surprises me about a blog run by an Ex CIA Agent who has posters that have threatened to assassinate the President and invented a “Whitey Tape” to try and undermine an election.

Of course almost all of the other PUMA sites have now come out with same mantra. One such example, stating that the reason the case was dropped was racism

Faux News of course sets about pouring petrol on their cross with this article

The headline itself is quite telling. Of course this is the same Fox News that has previously said that the President should not get involved with Prosecutions. The Of comments on this story are unsurprisingly racist.

This story owes nothing to the New Panthers. Watch how dirty racists will twist this story into yet another attack on Acorn. How the stories of “voter intimidation” and “caucus intimidation” will rear their head again. However listen carefully to their own video – the Election Clerk makes clear to the Police that these “Panthers” were NOT intimidating voters.

There was no case to answer; there could have been no prosecution. The DOJ acted properly when deciding a case that had been referred to them, according to Faux themselves in the last few days of the Bush administration.

Bigot scum claiming race bias are doing it for one reason only. Dirty bigots already have one political death on their hand, their Rethug colleagues have the blood of an illegal war on theirs, how many more do they want?

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Well I was Right. That’s Life.

May 31, 2009 1 comment

The Moran will not be competing against Esther Rantzen. Veterinarian dentists in Luton must now stop thinking about how they are going to grow their business as they may not be gaining the custom of Esther Rantzen. That’s Life I suppose.

If Esther wants to stand as an independent in Luton – she wil be doing it off her own back and not as the anti sleaze candidate. If she wants to do that she should look elsewhere.

I do have to point out a little of what I have learnt from the area of Luton. The Council is absolutely rubbish. As is its website. How do you contact the Chief Executive from it?

The BBC during the last few weeks have been running Party Political Broadcasts for Esther Rantzen on behalf of the BBC Party. No use of the term Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. No one on there to oppose or question her. No one asking her why she was targeting the moron the Hoon Margaret Moran, MP. A seat that looks very likely to fall from Labour at the next election.

If her candidacy was about expenses, Rantzen should now trot along to the seat of a thieving Cabinet Minister. Such as Alistair Darling. These are the people who have piled on the taxes on working people, but have used accountants paid for by the State to avoid them themselves, while building up multi million Property Empires again at the expense of taxpayers.

It seems strange that Rantzen still wants to fight the Luton seat despite Moran being forced to quit.

To me it also seems deeply wrong that a crisis ridden Government, whose Party is now in 3rd place in the polls now after all of these years wants to discuss electoral reform and House of Lords “reform”. This smacks of election fiddling far worse than the Glenrothes By Election and it could make their Neo Con friends victory of 2000 look positively honest.

The House of Lords stopped Parliament being abolished. It was only internet junkies and the Lords that did this. In 1997 The British Conservative Party was about as popular as a used hypodermic needle and about as likely to be touched. What would have been the consequences of having an elected Second Chamber?

Democracy is a great thing but without an effective revising chamber our legislative standards will only get worse. We have laws so badly written that they now criminalise millions of internet users.

Just how much awful legislation would there have been had New Labour have been able to simply bypass what little is left of Parliament? Maybe it would not have been used to introduce more “anti terrorism” laws, but given the history of how those laws have been used – I doubt that. Who however doubts that Post Office privatisation could have been slipped through as a deregulation issue?

Gordon Brown should not be able to use the scandal of expense fiddling to fiddle his way to an election victory. The BBC needs to grow a set and rather than supinely accept every word Brown and his minions speak on the issue of electoral reform – they need to ask one simple question “why now”?

G Gordon Liddy Is A Dirty Bigot. Liddy on Sotomayor; She Speaks “Illegal Alien”.

May 30, 2009 1 comment

G Gordon Liddy who deserves life for his role in attempting to undermine US Democracy has been commenting on the appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

I understand that they found out today that Miss Sotomayor is a member of La Raza, which means in illegal alien, “the race.” And that should not surprise anyone because she’s already on record with a number of racist comments.

This robbing thieving democracy undermining dirty bigot has a job? The fact that this thing is out of jail and employed says something of the US he so trashes with his bigotry. His treasonable acts should have earned him a lot more than 4 years. “Illegal Alien” speak? Is that the English language by any chance? Native Americans still hold views about who the real illegal immigrants are. I guess it means Spanish. Spoken by 350 million people, mostly in Continental America.

The Dirty Bigot then continues

“Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate. That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then.

I guess the bigot must get its attitude towards women from the 4 years of Prison Love it had.

It then sums up its bigotry.

And everybody is cheering because Hispanics and females have been, quote, underrepresented, unquote. And as you pointed out, which I thought was quite insightful, the Supreme Court is not designed to be and should not be a representative body.

Of course a Court is not a Democracy, but it does need to be representative.Perhaps a retrial of the dirty bigot should be held, with a Judge and Jury recruited entirely from the Democratic Party. (Some of the Primary Opponents of Nixon from the Repug Party may also want a say – just for balance).

Gordon Liddy – Enjoying the Freedom It Does Not Deserve
G Gordon Little

G Gordon Liddy is attempting to make Rush Limpballs look liberal. If people like that thing represent the New GOP – kiss goodbye to power for decades.

Coming Soon

Not the Parliamentary Candidates for Luton South

Esther Rantzen



TheBigotbasher has been causing trouble 🙂

I lurves me some licence fee money

Hitler Reacts to BNP Membership List Being Leaked.

TheBigotBasher was most amused to be reading through the membership of the BNP. I am quite proud that there are not any stupid Nazi scum around where I live, although there are some a bit nearer town.

From this video, it seems that Mein Fuhrer was less impressed by the stupid NAZIs leak of their membership records.

H/t To MrFlubberly and LOLGriffin

Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid. Senate Republicans Admit They Failed On Holding Terrorists.

The fact that of all places Guantánamo Bay serves as an International reminder of the worst crimes of the Cheney / Bush regime, the fact that the rest of the World thinks (knows) that the worst excesses of torture happened at Guantánamo Bay and the fact that their Presidential Candidate, John McCain, was also committed to closing “Gitmo” does not stop the Senate Republicans putting out the most idiotic of scare videos I have ever seen.

What they are saying is their Prison system, their Prison Industrial complex that they crafted over the last 8 years is so awful, it can not contain prisoners. People who have had no real access to the outside World. People who have had no access to “terrorist” material. People who obviously fail at guerilla warfare (they got caught). Wow – what an admission. Is there anything that the Republican Party have not seriously fucked up? Are they really admitting that the top security prisons of the US can not contain tortured and broken men? Wow.

Stupid stupid Republicans.

A Euro MP Win For The BNP Would Be A Victory For Gordon Brown.

May 18, 2009 1 comment

Griffin + EU = Brown

Gordon Brown has a lot to be condemned for

The 10p Tax Rate fiasco
The Economic collapse
The Banking Crisis
The Gurhas mess
The abuse of Parliamentary expenses
The abuse of 10 Downing Street to run smear campaigns
Poverty getting worse under his stewardship of the treasury

There is a lot of justified anger. He has managed to make George Bush and Tony Blair look competent.

It is clear that the coming European elections will produce an electoral disaster for Brown, not seen by the Labour Party for years.

He can not however escape the deserved electoral mauling, but can survive the political fallout – if people vote BNP in sufficient numbers to win them just one seat in the European Parliament.

If the BNP wins a seat, the press will not cover the electoral wipe out of Gordon Brown. You can already see the headlines on the front pages of the newspapers. The BBC would follow. His loss would not be the big news story, it will be hidden. The morning after the Euro Elections, angry Labour MPs will find that story hidden somewhere other than the front page. The front page news story will be the BNP and as a result, Gordon Brown will escape the axe that he so richly deserves. With the story hidden on page 2, the initial outrage felt by Labour MPs ast such a disastrous result would be assuaged, replaced by a mighty proud condemnation of how stupid the electorate in whatever area votes them in. Thus, giving Zanu Labour a chance to recover, unreformed, unchanged, ready to screw the County again for another term.

If you are going to have a protest vote, make it a protest that counts. Vote Green, Liberatas, Jury Team, UKIP. Anyone who actually could make a difference in Europe. Do not vote BNP and as a result save the career of the worst Prime Minister ever.