Which Country

Ballot Boxes are interfered with

Audit trails of how many and who voted go missing

An Opposition MP is raided by Anti Terrorist Police supposedly without the knowledge of the Home Secretary.

The Police can kill innocent people and get away with it

You can be put in prison for 42 days on pure suspicion

You can be put in prison indefinitely on the word of a politician

The State can torture people; it will just be denied.

The behaviour of your children is logged on a State database for their entire lives

Your fingerprints, iris scans and biometrics are held by the State

You do not have the right to remain silent

You are watched on 4 million CCTV cameras

You may not photograph the Police

You do not have the right to protest peacefully

Curfews exist for entire communities

Your travel movements are logged and monitored

Your shopping habits are studied and logged by the State

Your emails and telephone conversations are recorded by the State

Your passport can be withdrawn at the whim of the State

Local Councils can use lie detector tests on you.

A once proud Democracy is now irrevocably weakened because of an unholy alliance to American NeoCons. The trouble with allowing ANY GOVERNMENT to take so much power from the people is that these powers are hardly ever returned. The sad thing for the British public is that they cheered while most of this was being passed to fight off the boogey man of terrorists.

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